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Profiting From The Next Wave of Winning Stocks

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How AI and Quantitative Analysis Show Us Tomorrow’s Hidden Gems

Mark your calendars for April 13th at 12:00 ET and join Jason Bodner at the MoneyShow Virtual Expo as he discusses how AI and quantitative analysis show us how to profit from the next wave of winning stocks.

Some estimate that Wall Street’s Big Money accounts for nearly three quarters of all stock-trading activity every single day. We believe those trades go largely unnoticed by most individual investors.

Jason Bodner, co-founders of, worked on Wall Street, handling a lot of those big orders for some of the largest pension funds, hedge funds, and mutual funds in the country. He’ll show you how buying and selling pressure ultimately dictates where stock prices go, and why supply and demand is all that matters.

There’s always opportunity somewhere. The Big Money helps you spot it.

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MoneyShow Virtual Expo with Jason Bodner