MAP Individual #1381

MAP Individual #1381

Welcome to MAPsignals! As a token of our appreciation for taking the Investopedia Academy course, we are pleased to offer you 50% off of our annual MAP Individual subscription for the first year!

This is the logical next step in your journey of learning options. This subscription will teach you the MAPsignals process of identifying great option setups as well as give you research on stocks like you’ve never seen before!

This level includes our weekly MAP View report, delivered to your inbox by Monday mornings. It has everything you need to begin looking at the market from MAPsignals’ unique perspective of what Big Money institutions are doing.

The options profiles are chosen from the MAPsignals pool of candidates looking to pick high performing option ideas. The stock reports are one stock per week hand-chosen right from our weekly pool of unusual institutional activity signals.

Here’s what you receive annually:

  • 52 of our option profiles​
  • 52 of our weekly stock profiles
  • Monthly MAP 50 report
  • MAPsignals Big Money Index, Individual level portal access, and special reports
  • Online​ access to current and historical reports
  • Members Only blog posts