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MAPsignals empowers you to take advantage of what big money investors know that regular people don’t.

Proprietary data driven platform lets you be the first to know about market moving money flows. Analyze the stocks, sectors and ETFs that matter most to YOU wherever you invest with our actionable, data-driven platform.

Invest Smarter

A MAPsignal Individual subscription is a great tool for the non-professional investor. With it you’ll get:

  • The weekly MAP View stock report every Monday before the market opens.
  • Our monthly MAP 50 report that showcases and ranks the 50 stocks that have gotten the most Big Money buy signals over the previous six months.
  • Access to the Big Money Index, for daily stock buys and sells, ETF buys and sells and more! Our data updates each morning in our portal.

MAP Individual costs $69 per month, but you save 16% with a full-year subscription at just $699. That’s 52 stock picks from MAP View, 600 picks from Top 50, daily insights and analysis and access to our proprietary portal — all for just $1.91 per day.

Looking for more? Check out our professional subscription.


I’ve become very dependent upon MAPs, kind of hooked trying to see where everybody’s nibbling. If I didn’t have MAPsignals I’d be flying blind. I rely on them to identify institutional buying pressure earlier than I normally pick up.


MAPsignals is incredibly unique. There is nothing else like it. The product itself is fantastic because it’ll break down a stock and give you all the pluses and all the minuses, what’s bad and what’s good, and what, at the end of the day, you need to make your own decision.


What MAPsignals puts out is unbelievable. I frankly think they’re giving it away for what they’re charging.

I think the BMI is one of the most powerful indicators out there.


Nobody else out there — at least nothing that I have found — peels back the curtain as to who or what really moves the market like MAPsignals does.