MAPsignals is a matchless data analysis tool that gives you a leg up on the largest research firms and warehouses. MAPsignals combines a technical and fundamental approach to analysis with a proprietary big money overlay. We map where markets are heading, identify outlier stocks and uncover what the biggest players on Wall Street are signaling.

Elevate your value to your clients by leveraging our proprietary platform.

MAPSignals is Leveling the Investment Playing Field

MAP Pro Subscribers gain access to our MAP Top 20. This weekly report leverages the full power of our data platform. It helps identify 20 stocks that are getting the most buy signals based upon indicators from our big money algorithms.

The MAP 20 report also showcases the 10 stocks that are getting the most Big Money sell signals.

This subscription has it all, including daily stock buys and sells, ETF buys and sells, a portfolio creator module, and more. You can map any stock to see our Big Money signals too!

Additionally, subscribers get access to the Big Money Index.

The BMI filters out the noise by isolating unusual institutional money flows allowing subscribers to understand what is really moving the markets. It positions investors to capitalize on future market movements and helps inform or confirm the current market trend. Our data updates each morning, in our portal.

It’s a great resource for experienced traders.

Also included in your MAP Pro subscription:

  • Our MAP View weekly options trade,
  • Our MAP 50 monthly report ranking the top 50 stocks under accumulation,
  • Our MAP View weekly stock trade,
  • Our Professional Update videos, and
  • Our Member Update videos
  • Full access to all modules in our portal

MAP Professional is $249 a month for access ot this this one-of-a-kind data. But you can save 16% by signing up for a full-year at $2,499.

Need a custom integration? Check out our Enterprise Option.


I’ve become very dependent upon MAPs, kind of hooked trying to see where everybody’s nibbling. If I didn’t have MAPsignals I’d be flying blind. I rely on them to identify institutional buying pressure earlier than I normally pick up.


MAPsignals is incredibly unique. There is nothing else like it. The product itself is fantastic because it’ll break down a stock and give you all the pluses and all the minuses, what’s bad and what’s good, and what, at the end of the day, you need to make your own decision.


What MAPsignals puts out is unbelievable. I frankly think they’re giving it away for what they’re charging.

I think the BMI is one of the most powerful indicators out there.


Nobody else out there — at least nothing that I have found — peels back the curtain as to who or what really moves the market like MAPsignals does.