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MAPsignals is the pioneer in connecting the universe of technical and fundamental market data with the institutional trading flows that drive market movement. It’s a unique, proprietary data analysis platform that transforms the way individual and professional investors look at the market.

MAPsignals’ volume and price analysis tools enable investors to identify unusually large trading activities around individual stocks and ETFs. This allows traders and investors to move beyond sentiment with a more precise, predictive, and measured data analysis tool that MAPs the signals being delivered by the market’s biggest players.
MAPsignals capabilities include:

  • Proprietary Algorithmic Capabilities: Our unique lens filters out the noise by isolating unusual likely institutional trading flows allowing subscribers to understand what is really moving the markets. This positions subscribers to capitalize on subsequent future market movements and helps inform their investment strategies.
  • Predictive Analytic Capabilities: Data driven guidance based on unusual institutional trading flows that isolate extreme pivot points to assist in forecasting future market direction.
  • Taxonomic Capabilities: Creating a scoring and ranking process for all sectors, ETFs and over 6000 individual stocks based on dozens of fundamental and technical metrics with a Big Money overlay.
  • Top Down Capabilities: Providing an actionable macro framework enhanced by MAPsignals algorithmic insights to buoy research and identify trends.
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