About MAPsignals

MAPsignals was developed by Wall Street veterans to track the unusual institutional trading flows that drive market movement.

We call this The Big Money.

Big Money buying and selling moves stock prices more than any other force in investing.

Every single day, around 7 billion shares of stock change hands in the U.S. 90% of all that trading is done by Wall Street’s Big Money and yet is almost completely unseen by most investors.

MAPsignals is so unique because it lets investors go behind the scenes to see what the Big Money is buying and selling.

Here’s how it works.

When the Big Money buys a stock, it doesn’t just invest a few million dollars. It invests tens, even hundreds, of millions of dollars. And thanks to good old-fashioned supply and demand, those massive influx and outflows of Big Money causes stock prices to skyrocket or plummet.

The only catch is that all the Big Money buying and selling happens behind the scenes over the course of days, weeks, and sometimes even months. So there’s no way for anyone other than the buyers and their brokers to know about it.

Yet, these movements are so so large that they can’t help but leave behind some telltale signs.
That’s where the MAPSignals platform comes in.

MAPsignals is powered by unique algorithms that track unusual institutional trading flows and isolate extreme pivot points to assist in forecasting future market direction.

Our platform also employs a proprietary scoring and ranking process for all Sectors, ETF’s and over 6000 individual stocks based on dozens of fundamental and technical metrics.

By tapping into this research that analyzes over 1.2 million pieces of data on more than 6,000 U.S. stocks daily, MAPsignals is able to identify the best stocks, sectors and ETFS with the strongest Big Money signals AND the best fundamentals.


MAPsignals helps investors consistently outperform both Bear and Bull markets.

Despite a bear market in 2022 we’ve still been able to find diamonds in the rough. Over the course January – October, MAPsignals has delivered returns of +4.2% and +6.5% with our MAP View and MAP 20 products. Compare that with the S&P which delivered -7.2% and -6.9% returns, respectively.

Between 2012 and 2020, more than 70% of the stocks we uncovered were winners. Our average gain was around 60% and we had more than 100 gains of between 100% and 600%.

Regardless of the investment environment, MAPsignals is an invaluable investment tool. Our results speak for themselves.

The Team

Created by Wall Street veterans Jason Bodner and Lucas Downey, MAPSignals was built on the belief that the best-performing stocks usually have one thing in common: Big Money buying. Their combined two-decades worth of experience at Cantor Fitzgerald and Jeffries LLC helped shape their belief that institutions drive stock prices.

Lucas Downey

Lucas Downey | Founder

Jason Bodner

Jason Bodner | Founder

Mike Abadie

Mike Abadie | Chief Content Officer

Kevin Tuczek

Kevin Tuczek | Editor

Alec Young

Alec Young | Chief Investment Strategist