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The pioneer in connecting the universe of technical and fundamental market data with the institutional money flows that drive market movement.

MAPsignal’s interactive BMI intelligence tool provides advisors and clients access to dynamic charts, visual displays and data filters for unique, strategic analysis that they can easily share.

From ETFs, to securities to sector analysis, tracking the big money data with MAP will boost the the performance of your key products

Explore MAPsignals to leverage insights that combine how the market should be acting with where the big money is flowing.

  • Proprietary algorithmic capabilities: Our unique lens filters out the noise by isolating unusual institutional money flows allowing subscribers to understand what is really moving the markets to position them to capitalize on subsequent future market movements and inform their investment strategies.
  • Predictive analytics: Data driven guidance based on unusual institutional trading flow helps isolate extreme pivot points to assist in forecasting future market direction.
  • Analytical Capabilities: Creating a scoring and ranking process for all Sectors, ETF’s and over 6000 individual stocks based on dozens of fundamental and technical metrics.
  • Top down capabilities: Providing an actionable macro framework enhanced by MAPSignals core data algorithmic insights.

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I’ve become very dependent upon MAPs, kind of hooked trying to see where everybody’s nibbling. If I didn’t have MAPsignals I’d be flying blind. I rely on them to identify institutional buying pressure earlier than I normally pick up.


MAPsignals is incredibly unique. There is nothing else like it. The product itself is fantastic because it’ll break down a stock and give you all the pluses and all the minuses, what’s bad and what’s good, and what, at the end of the day, you need to make your own decision.


What MAPsignals puts out is unbelievable. I frankly think they’re giving it away for what they’re charging.

I think the BMI is one of the most powerful indicators out there.


Nobody else out there — at least nothing that I have found — peels back the curtain as to who or what really moves the market like MAPsignals does.