Big Changes Are Coming to Platinum

Big Changes Are Coming With Your New MAP Pro Subscription

In just a few days we will be switching over to our new website and subscriber experience. Changes include a new and improved website, single sign on function with the Portal, and more. With your new subscriber experience you’ll now be a MAP Pro subscriber.

You’ll still get all the things you love about your MAP Platinum subscription but with a superior and more intuitive subscriber experience.

The best part is that nothing has changed in terms of your plan or your subscription Just more of the same MAPsignals data and analysis you’ve come to depend upon – just new and improved!

Keep an eye out for the official email announcing the changeover soon! And if you have any questions just reach out and ask here and a MAP representative will get back to you.


Luke share what changes to expect with you new MAP Pro subscription.


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-The MAPsignals Team