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Every single day the MAPsignals platform synthesizes millions of data points to pinpoint the best stocks, sectors, and ETFs based upon a technical and fundamental approach to analyze with a Big Money overlay. These unique signals show underlying trends unseen by other technical indicators.

Following the flow of trading volume maps where markets and stocks are heading,. MAPSignals is also an invaluable tool for investors and traders looking to confirm what their own research is telling them. Our proprietary platform lets you be the first to know about market moving volume flows, what the outliers are, and what the biggest players on Wall Street are signaling.

The data underpins all of our research and informs all our thought leadership

Products: No matter your investment experience, we have the product to fit your approach.

Big Money Index: The Big Money Index (BMI) is one of the most powerful features of our MAPsignals stock-picking system.

Insights: Up-to-the-minute macro and micro analysis based on what the Big Money is telling us.

Videos: Engaging, thought-provoking insight and analysis from our YouTube channel updated weekly.

White Papers: Detailed, data-driven reports highlighting our unique approach to market analysis to drive uncanny results.

Press: The latest news and commentary from and about MAPsignals.

Help Center: Get started using MAPsignals with simple, easy-to-follow videos and answers to your FAQs.