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Can Money Flows Predict Prices?

We just completed a white paper asking 2 questions:

  1. 1. Do outsized money flows predict market prices?

2. If so, can we visualize capitulation?

This is a large study testing the validity of our Big Money Index, Stock flows, ETF flows, and sector flows.

Can Money Flows Predict Prices?

What Happened to Risk Assets In 2022

Are you curious why stocks collapsed in 2022? We believe leverage and margin debt had a lot to do with it…and plenty of data supports this theory. This paper takes you on a journey of why massive de-leveraging may have caused risk assets to plummet.

Published in May 2022, we require an email for access to it!

What Happened to Risk Assets in 2022

Profiting From Seasonality In Stocks

Jason Bodner studied seasonality patterns in stocks going back to 1990. There are certain times of the year where the bulls tend to run wild. But what about marrying bullish seasonality with our powerful Big Money Index? He asks that question and more. This white paper was written for Navellier & Associates! Click the image to download the white paper.

Profit From Stock Market Seasonality

Put Outlier Stocks In Your Portfolio

Are the best stocks in your portfolio right now? This white paper shows why it could be worth it to put outlier stocks in your portfolio. Great stocks are like the best sports athletes. They are habitual winners.

We focus all of our effort on finding outlier winning stocks- the ones that crush all the others. Are we good at it? You bet we are! How do we do it? Simple – follow the big money.

Put outlier stocks in your portfolio

Pump Up The Volume

We took a deep dive into market volumes going back to 1990. We wanted to see what the market tends to do after big volume periods as well as low volume periods.

Heavy volumes are constructive in oversold conditions. Heavy and light volumes are warning signs in overbought conditions.

Big volume usually appears at troughs in the market. Eerily light volume precedes lower market prices but is constructive long term.

Click the image to download the white paper.


ETFs – The Tail That Wags The Dog

Did ETFs have anything to do with the selloff in stocks in 2018? We believe they did and have tons of data to support that idea.   Go grab a coffee and enjoy the ride through history as we look at the rise of ETFs over the years, how they have been a major driver of the broker community, and how model managers can impose their will on stocks in the short-term.   Please enjoy “ETF Doom-Sharks”, and special thanks goes out to Navellier & Associates!

ETFs - The Tail That Wags The Dog

WOWsignals – Don’t Catch Falling Knives

We may be the biggest bulls in town. It’s been the best way to be. What you may not know is that we find some of the worst stocks out there.

In this white paper, WOWsignals, we look at recurring buy and sell signals in our data.

Do frequent signals forecast the direction of a stock? Yes.

One thing is clear – stocks that see tons of selling, keep seeing tons of selling.

Bottom line: Don’t catch falling knives.

Dont Catch Falling Knives

Zombies Are Real

What’s a zombie investor, anyway? Read our latest white paper, Zombies Are Real, in partnership with Navellier & Associates.

So here’s what you do: go on a market vacation for August and come back in September. If you’re brave and want to stay and fight- stay calm, have your shopping list handy looking for deals. Adopt the icy dead calm of a dead person. When you buy, plan on dying for a while like a zombie. When you wake up- odds are you’ll be really happy when you see your statements.

The Vanishing Stock Market

A new white paper is here, and the S&P 500 will disappear in 27 years! In the meantime, the records pile up… we have lower taxes, near-record low rates, a strong US Dollar, record buybacks, record sales and earnings, and a record high stock market.

The backdrop is a chain of events ultimately placing a huge ballast of support under the US stock market. We are proud to have been asked to share our thoughts and author this white paper on the vanishing stock market for Navellier & Associates.

The Vanishing Stock Market

The New Kid In Town

The MAPsignals Top 20 list is filled with the best stocks in the market. We took a deep dive to see if the newest stocks appearing on the list have any expectancy on forward performance. This white paper shows how new stocks on the report beat the market handily.

The New Kid in Town

Information Society – The Power Of Big Money Signals

When the market rips higher, what happens to our best stocks? Well, we tested it and the out-performance was nothing short of…wow. Basically, if you are in a ripping market and are looking to out-perform, you better have some monster stocks in your portfolio. We find those.

On the flip side, if you are in a bear market, our weakest stocks fall like rocks.

Information Society

BFF Stocks – A Weekly Strategy of Our 20/10 That Crushes the Market

In this white paper we backtest how a weekly strategy would perform of buying the top 20 and shorting the bottom 10. The performance speaks for itself.

BFF Stocks

Boundaries – How The Big Money Index Predicts Monster Moves

As the market pulls back, our Big Money Index (formerly MAP Ratio) has taught us for when to bet on a swift recovery. The BMI is pulling back to near oversold levels and we are prepared for a large move to the upside once we reach it.   Pages 7 & 8 show just how strong the signal is for the market. We do admit that our writing has gotten much better since this white paper was written!

boundaries why the big money index leads