As expert investors with a long track record of trading success on and off Wall Street, Jason and Lucas are often asked to share their insights with a variety of organizations. And they’re always happy to oblige.

Covering everything from high level market insights to specific trading recommendations, their videos & interviews are highly informative and profitable.

You’ll also find their five-part “Big Money Series,” which delves into Stock Blocks, ETF Blocks, Option Blocks, Hedge Funds and Index Additions.

Why the Fed Cycle, Market History, & “Big Money” Clues All Say…Buy Stocks!

Sam Stovall is Chief Investment Strategist at CFRA Research. Jason Bodner is Co-Founder of

MoneyShow’s Mike Larson sat down with both of these qualitative and quantitative market experts at the 2023 MoneyShow/TradersEXPO Orlando to get their take on the markets for a MoneyShow MoneyMasters Podcast double episode.

Trillions in Cash May Trickle Back into Stocks

Thank you Bob Pisani at CNBC for sharing MAPsignals take from our chief investment strategist Alec Young’s latest Macro piece: 3 Reasons the Market Lows Are In.

Fourth Quarter Earnings Estimates are Dropping Fast

“The market is pricing in so much bad news that you have to give the edge to the bulls,” Alec Young, chief investment strategist at MAPsignals said in an interview with CNBC’s Bob Pisani.

Ignore the Rate Scare And Buy Stocks

Alec Young, our chief investment strategist, tells BNN Bloomberg why he is advising investors to ignore the rate scare and buy stocks now.

“Buying something is better than buying nothing at all,” he says, and suggests investors could buy an index ETF like Vanguard’s VOO or focus on sectors like energy and mega cap tech.

He explains how MAPsignals’ Big Money Index shows when it’s time to buy stocks amidst panic selling.

Interest Rates & Energy: How To Profit During Geopolitical & Supply Concerns

2 big topics seem to be on EVERY investor’s mind these days: Interest Rates and Energy.

Will energy prices will keep rising due to geopolitics and supply concerns?

Alec Young, our Chief Investment Strategist, shares his Macro take: Disregard the Rate Scare and Buy Stocks Now, along with other MoneyShow contributors.

Interest Rates & Energy How To Profit During Geopolitical & Supply Concerns

Fewer Stock Buybacks: An Effect of Higher Interest Rates

Corporate America may be more inclined to hold cash as a hedge, which would imply fewer buybacks.

“More cash means more interest as a way to boost your earnings, especially if the macro condition is deteriorating,” Alec Young from MAPSignals tells Bob Pisani, CNBC Senior Markets Correspondent.

Young also provides a list of “S&P 500 Cash Kings,” companies with the largest cash hoards.

Stocks Need Rates to Stabilize Before Luring Back Buyers

“There’s a very tight correlation between equities and rates. They need to see rates come down before buyers have confidence to buy stocks again.” Alec Young, chief investment strategist at MAPsignals tells CNBC.

Interest Rates Have To Be Above 6% to Break the Market

Alec Young, our chief investment strategist at MAPsignals, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his outlook for stocks and bonds amid the inflationary environment.

He discusses his latest macro report, Rising Interest Rates Won’t Kill Stocks, and much more.

US Consumer Spending Expected To Shrink for the First Time Since the Start of the Pandemic: Survey

“The likelihood of a soft landing, falling inflation, an end to Fed tightening, a peak in interest rates, a stable dollar, stable oil prices — all those things helped drive the market up,” Alec Young, chief investment strategist at MAPsignals, told Bloomberg.

“If the market loses confidence in that scenario, then stocks are vulnerable,” he added of stocks, which have already slipped from late-July highs.

Alec Young  Bloomberg Technology 09/07/2023

Is Tech in trouble? In the year of AI, the Fed, and valuations – is Geopolitics in China an equal weighted risk factor?

Alec Young, our investment chief strategist at MAPSignals, explains: potential revenue and earnings headwinds are part of market calculation. – in an interview with Bloomberg Technology. (5:00 min. – 11:00 min.)

Alec Young_Bloomberg Technology

Now is the Time to Buy Small Caps

Alec Young, our investment chief strategist at MAPSignals, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his report titled “When to Bet Big on Small Caps”, highlighting the ways in which small caps have outperformed the S&P 500, including their strength in cyclical sectors and their lower sensitivity to interest rates.

Market Drivers in the Final 5 Months of 2023

Alec Young, our chief investment strategist, shares his thoughts with Bob Pisani at CNBC on what will be the drivers of stocks for the rest of 2023.

Markets Are Less Reliant on Mega-Cap Tech to Move Higher

Alec Young, chief investment strategist at MAPsignals, tells BNN Bloomberg he is still positive on tech, but his call for the second half of 2023 is a broadening of the market rally to other sectors like financials, industrials and energy.

He says the stronger earnings growth of tech stocks over the broader S&P500 justifies their valuation premium. He adds that a 25bps hike by the Fed this month is “baked in the cake” and that the US job market is now in a “Goldilocks” situation where gains are neither too high nor too low.

Markets Are Less Reliant on Mega-Cap Tech to Move Higher

Strong Earnings Growth Will Fuel the Tech Rally

Alec Young, chief investment strategist at MAPsignals joins BNN Bloomberg to talk about the tech rally in 2023 and why he disagrees with those who think the rally is over.

History says narrow leadership is not a harbinger of poor performance.

Tech provides reliable growth in a time of Macro uncertainty

“Tech is providing reliable, organic growth in a time of macro uncertainty”, say MAPsignals chief investment strategist.

Alec Young discusses U.S. futures & the tech rally with CNBC.

Recessionary Worries Are Making It Hard to Build On 2023 Gains

Alec Young, chief investment strategist at MAPsignals, joins BNN Bloomberg to talk about why he thinks recessionary fears are overblown and why he’s still bullish on equities.

Recessionary Worries Are Making It Hard to Build On 2023 Gains

History tells us there’s still a significant amount of upside going into 2023: Investment strategist

Alec Young, chief investment strategist at MAPsignals, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his bullish outlook for 2023. Young points to statistics that show stocks historically do well after recessions and after peak inflation and says he’s expecting that to happen again next year.

Wall Street Unplugged Podcast With Luke Downey

Markets are doing extreme things. That’s a perfect time to chat about it. Luke explains how extreme buying in stocks and ETFs often predicts nasty pullbacks. In this podcast, Frank Curzio and Luke discuss how MAPsignals has been able to navigate 2020 very well. To summarize in four words, “follow the big money.”


Options To Supercharge Outlier Stocks – MoneyShow With Lucas Downey

Options can supercharge outlier stocks. This presentation was given on Monday, March 9th, 2020. The market was in free-fall. There are a few trade setups that, our co-founder, Lucas Downey liked. Too bad the sound quality was terrible. This is how we use options to supercharge outlier stocks.

Wealth Research Group With Jason Bodner

Here’s an interview from April 1st, 2020 with our co-founder, Jason Bodner. In it he discussed how our data was pointing to the bottom being in. The market has rallied immensely since this interview.

Big Money Series – Stock Blocks

People ask us all the time, “what is big money?” This is the first big money series video of 5. In this video, MAPsignals co-founders, Lucas Downey and Jason Bodner, break down how chunky order-flow taught us an edge. Stock liquidity is a challenge for many big money managers. The game between portfolio manager and broker is discussed in this video.

Wall Street Unplugged Podcast With Luke Downey

Are you looking for an uplifting message? We are too! Check out this discussion Luke had with Frank Curzio during March. In it, he discusses market liquidity, the 2020 crash in stocks, and how he’s playing it. Luke doesn’t believe the market will shutdown. He expects stimulus soon.

This was aired on March 18th – days before the market low on March 23rd. Luke gives 3 stocks he likes in this pullback… all from the lens of MAPsignals’ data.

Enjoy. It’s a good one!

Big Money Series – Option Blocks

Options often get a bad wrap. That’s a shame because they are tools for an investor. In this video, Lucas Downey and Jason Bodner discuss how option blocks trade and the impact they have on the underlying shares. After running derivative desks for many years, we, at MAPsignals, have learned how option blocks make a splash in stock prices.

Big Money Series – ETF Blocks

We’ve traded countless shares of ETFs over the years.

In this video we discuss the popularity of ETFs with the financial advisor community.

We were at the forefront of the huge shift to ETF asset accumulation.

The bottom line: ETF blocks move stocks.

Equity ETFs are baskets of stocks. When a large block trades, the stocks can gyrate in a big way.

Big Money Series – Hedge Funds

Did you ever want to know how hedge funds place big stock orders with their brokers?

In this video we break down how big stock blocks trade and the cat and mouse games that portfolio managers play with their brokers.

Jason and Lucas break down how hedge funds have to break up their orders. This is because their size can impact a stock’s price dramatically.

Big Money Series – Index Additions

Hedge funds make bets on which stocks will be added to an index…aka index adds.

In this video, our founders breakdown how institutions will position ahead of these events.

Since we follow the big money, we capture a lot of these in our research.

How To Invest And Win

Farmers Insurance said it best, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

People ask us all the time, “how can I make money in stocks?”

In this video, Lucas & Jason breakdown things they’ve learned over our careers, but more importantly – how to win in investing.

Follow the big money and lock in on an outlier stock.

Holding the best stocks over the long-term is a strategy to win.

How We Win

There are plenty of ways to win in the stock market.

History says that outlier stocks are the way to win big.

We find outlier stocks by following the big money.

Jason Bodner and Lucas Downey outline their favorite ways to invest and win.

RealVision Interview With Lucas Downey #2

In this interview, Luke take’s a look at 2 growth stocks showing unusual buy activity. Intuit Inc. (INTU) and The Trade Desk, Inc. (TTD) are household names for MAPsignals and both continue to be on our radar.

They each sport strong fundamentals, but most importantly they are gaining alongside unusual trading activity.

Click below to watch the full interview.

Tracking Unusual Institutional Activity With Luke Downey – RealVision Interview

RealVision interviewed Lucas Downey on themes MAPsignals is noticing. You can see the full interview below.

Wealth Research Group Interview With Jason Bodner

Jason is asked how MAPsignals found Starbucks before someone took a billion dollar stake. They go on to chat about Warren Buffett, trading farms like stocks, and MAP’s view on the market going forward. Enjoy!