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Here at MAPsignals, we know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to investing. Some people like trading stocks… Some like trading options… And some like both. Some people like making a few trades each month… Some like placing a few each week.

Whether you’re a part-time investor or an experienced pro, we cover all the bases by offering a variety of products to suit your investing style, whatever it may be. No matter which advisory you read, you’ll still get the same matchless data and analysis that MAPsignals proprietary platform provides.

So check out our product descriptions below, and see which one works best for you.

Big Money Insights Weekly

Each week (usually on Thursdays) MAP founders Jason and Lucas discuss current market conditions and share their latest insights on what the Big Money doing and how it’s affecting the market.

It’s the perfect way to stay up-to-date with the market… and prepare yourself for the days and weeks ahead.

Top 5 Most Accumulated Stocks in 2022

MAP View

Our MAP View report shows you how our Big Money Index is setting up for the week ahead. It also highlights the one stock that’s best positioned to benefit from that setup. This is a hand-picked stock recommendation selected personally by the MAPsignals founders based on data from our platform that indicates Big Money buy signals.

Most important of all, each MAP View edition also gives you the name and ticker symbol of the one stock that’s best positioned to benefit from that Big Money setup… so you can profit like the pros.

MAP 50

Delivered to your email inbox on the 15th of every month, MAP 50 showcases and ranks the 50 stocks that have gotten the most Big Money buy signals—and pass our rigid quality tests—over the previous six months.

With 50 potential trades each month, it’s the most “bang for your buck” of all our MAPsignals products.

MAP 50 September 2022

MAP Portal

The Portal is the gateway to all the data MAPSignals uncovers and analyses. Each day the platform analyzes over 1.2 million pieces of data on more than 6,000 stocks.

The Portal gives subscribers access to all that data and Big Money trading activity. 

It’s also a powerful tool that allows subscribers the ability to customize how and what data or activity they want to analyze. Whether it’s stocks, sectors or ETFs the Portal puts the subscriber in control to research, investigate and evaluate the data that matters most.  

MAP Top 20

MAP Top 20 is our most powerful and most valuable report.

Published every Tuesday, it sifts through the approximately 300 equities uncovered by our Big Money Index each week to bring you the 20 best stocks that are getting the most Big Money buy signals that week.

It also showcases the 10 stocks that are getting the most Big Money sell signals, so you know not only which stocks are screaming buys each week… you also know which ones are hard sells.

It’s our premier resource for larger investors and experienced traders who want to make multiple trades every week. And as a huge resource, you’ll get an additional Top 20 report for each of the 5 broad sector groups.

What Happens Next?

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