Congratulations on your decision to profit like the pros with MAPsignals!

To get started, check out these videos from our founders, Luke (whom you already know!) and Jason, as they walk you through the MAP View, MAP Options, & Top 20 Report and more.

VIDEO #1: MAP View & MAP View Options

First up, Luke breaks down our MAP View and MAP View Options reports.

As a refresher, our MAP View report breaks down where the broad market is headed, and shows you which sectors and categories are getting the most Big Money buy and sell signals. It also gives you the name and ticker symbol of the one stock that’s best positioned to benefit from that Big Money setup… so you can profit like the pros.

Our MAP View Options report also shows you where the broad market is headed each week and gives you an actionable stock recommendation. But it also spotlights our highest confidence options trade based on how the Big Money system is setting up that week.

VIDEO #2: MAP Top 20

MAP Top 20—our most powerful and most valuable report—sifts through the approximately 300 equities uncovered by our Big Money system each week to bring you the 20 best stocks that are getting the most Big Money buy signals.

It also showcases the 10 stocks that are getting the most Big Money sell signals, so you know not only which stocks are screaming buys… you also know which ones are hard sells.

This weekly report is only offered to our platinum subscribers. We no longer offer a monthly report.

VIDEO #3: Big Money Index Portal Tutorial

Our Big Money Index is a powerful tool. All subscription levels get access to 2 of our most important modules in our portal. Luke walks you through our BMI and sector charts.

VIDEO #4: Find Oversold Stocks Yourself Portal Tutorial

Jason walks you through how our Platinum subscription can help you find oversold stocks. He showcases our powerful Sector Analysis tool which shows the stocks getting bought and sold each day. Next, he looks at the Portfolio Creator module which identifies the most frequent stocks on our Top 20 reports…the outliers! Finally, he shows how to do a deep dive on any stock in our MAP View module. This gives you our technical and fundamental grades for any company.