big money index flashing red

Big Money Index Flashing Red?

Are stocks about to rollover? Is the Big Money Index flashing red?

Heading into this week, the BMI was set to go overbought. That’s the red zone.

It’s early to tell, but there’s a different tone in the data. Jason and Luke walk through some new data points: stock volumes are increasing and there’s a big fat rotation going on. Reopen sectors are getting bought, while growth sectors are getting sold.

If buying starts to slow, the BMI will start to fall. Only time will tell if that’s where we’re headed.

In this episode:

2:50 Market Segment: Big Money Index nearing overbought

18:10 Outlier Stock: Facebook, Inc. (FB)

24:20 Reader feedback: Investors worried about a pullback. Taxes going up is good for stocks?

Jason & Luke hold no position in FB at the time of filming. Enjoy!