Broken Record

When I get a song I like, I play it non-stop. Maybe my brain is motivated by repetition – the “big buying in stocks” is a lot like a broken record. But, that’s what great stocks do – they go up over time.

Speaking of broken records, yesterday (11/25/19) Health Care stocks saw the largest day of buying in 7+ years.

We’ve been a broken record about big Health Care buying in our research since late October.

As you can see in the above chart, the first time the big buying shows up, that’s the time to strike.

Now for another broken record, we’re at all-time highs for the major indexes… so, what’s next?

We’ve been here before. We even have a gauge for when it’s a good time to plan for the eventual downdraft. It’s called the Big Money Index. You can see where we stand below – we have a couple of weeks before we get in the red area (assuming we get there).

Believe me, when the index starts to fall, you’ll want to know.

The bottom line: if you’ve been long this year as we have, nice work. Demand is huge for stocks right now and that’s the point of this post. There’s likely a little gas left in the tank.

But, like anything, it won’t last forever. If we were on the sidelines – we’d stay there waiting for a pullback.