How Big Investors Trade ETF Blocks

How Big Money Investors Trade ETF Blocks

Big money investors like registered investment advisors (RIAs) and financial advisors (FAs) trade massive ETF blocks.

Jason Bodner and Lucas Downey discuss what it was like handling these large ETF orders on the trading desks…and how they impacted stocks. They chat on how Big Money investors trade ETF blocks.

Most ETF trading used to be handled on the phones. Now it’s automated. The guys took that knowledge to create MAPsignals – looking for unusual buying and selling in the best stocks and ETFs.

Whether it’s dark pools, electronic trading, or block trading – our system can detect when a big player is making a move in an ETF.

How Big Money Investors Trade ETF Blocks

This quick blurb gives insights into how institutional trading desks handle big ETF orders.

Check out our Big Money Series video – How Big Money Investors Trade ETF Blocks.


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