The Biggest Losers

Mapsignals finds tomorrow’s winning stocks. We also track the biggest losers: poor fundamental stocks that have massive sell signals.

The market is at all-time highs, still many stocks are losing. Here we discuss those stocks to avoid; the bottom 10. Here’s why…

Each week we produce a top 20 report for our platinum members. These are the the outliers…. the best stocks likely being bought up by big money. We also include a bottom 10 list; stocks showing big selling. This list is a warning: if you own them, look out.

To show you how good of a warning these are, here are all of the bottom 10 stocks from Q2 (130 stocks). How did they do?

Each bottom 10 is organized into a basket of 10 stocks. Performance is calculated from the date of the report and concluded through 7/23/19. Versus the S&P 500 (SPY ETF), there’s a lot of red.



Below are 5 stocks from those reports:






Here’s the bottom line: following the big money can help you predict a stock’s performance…both up and down.