Use Data To Win in the stock market

Use Data To Win In The Stock Market

At MAPsignals, we’re all about data and using it to help us find outlier stocks.

In this video, we share how we use data to win in the stock market.

Luke likes to look for stocks that constantly recur on our Top 20 lists. Jason searches for stocks that have a history of getting bought by Big Money, but have suffered technically.

Then Luke speaks on how he uses this system to find winning option plays. And finally, the guys go over the Big Money Index and how it helps identify overbought and oversold conditions.

Look, all we want to do is make the investing journey fun and profitable.

Use Data To Win In The Stock Market

The ways they use our research to win are as follows:

  1. Find the constant Big Money magnets found on our Top 20 lists
  2. Find great stocks on pullbacks
  3. Focus on the Big Money Index for market clues


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