Winning With Options


Ever wonder what happens when you marry Mapsignals’ superior stock picking skills with options? Juice happens.

MAP does options too- and we crush it. We take mostly long views on stocks and aim to win big. So far so good!

“No way! Options are risky and scary” you may say- and many think that way. But MAP’s expert approach actually reduces risk and shoots for a high win rate percentage. You may wonder what makes us experts in the field. We collectively have decades of experience trading options for the biggest smart-money clients in the world. If that doesn’t do it for you- we literally wrote and taught options courses for Investopedia (link here). And then there’s our stock-picking track record. After all, options are just another way to express an opinion on stocks. And this year is just another example:

Our options trades so far for 2019 breakdown like this (held until expiry):
Total: 12
winners: 10
losers: 1
flat: 1

That means we only lost money 8% of the time. We marry our superior stock picking ability- backed by many years of data, with our expertise on Wall Street as premier options traders. We bring that level of service to our clients in our MAP OPTIONS research.

Below is an example from 2/18/19:

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (BR) was trading at $100.35 at the time. Our options trade was:

Sell 1 BR June 90 Put @ $2, Buy 1 BR June 110 Call for $2

At expiration, BR closed @ 128.72