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This is our options level comprehensive weekly report. As of 2/6/2020, our 2nd half 2019 trade ideas had a 100% win-rate. Here is a blog post on our 2019 2nd half performance.

The MAP Options report is packed with useful information on the market through a perspective you just don’t get anywhere else. As a bonus, this report also includes the MAP View:

Check out the walk-through of the MAP View Options from our founders:

This is the report that highlights stocks seeing big money activity. It includes not only our weekly options trade idea, but everything in MAP View report. Weekly, it is delivered to your inbox by Monday morning. It has everything you need to begin looking at the market from Mapsignals’ unique perspective of which stocks are experiencing big money activity.

The options profiles are chosen from Mapsignals’ pool of candidates looking to pick high performing options ideas. 

The options report includes: 

  • 1 option idea
  • 1 stock idea
  • Big Money Index
  • Sector activity
  • Market commentary

Click the image below to download an example options trade on NVDA from 12/23/2018:

Options Courses

Mapsignals developed two options courses with Investopedia Academy – watch the trailers below and start a course today! The Options for Beginners course performed 4 live trades which produced gains of over 100%! You can visit our Options for Beginners course here and our Advanced Options Course here.

Please know that we spent a lot of time developing these awesome courses. The feedback has been great. Thus, we receive compensation on course sales.