The MAPsignals System

The MAPsignals system is the engine that powers all our trading newsletters. More importantly, it’s your ticket to profit like the pros.

Built by the veterans who brokered some of Wall Street’s biggest trades, it’s one of the most reliable ways of pinpointing which stocks are primed to soar… and which are about to crash.

It does that by mapping the hidden buying and selling activity of Wall Street’s Big Money firms.

Developed over 12 years—at a cost of nearly half a million dollars of our own money—the MAPsignals system is your best bet for boosting your win rate, increasing your average gain, and growing your portfolio.

Why do we map the Big Money?

Every single day, around 7 billion shares of stock change hands in the U.S.

And nearly three-quarters of all that trading is done by Wall Street’s Big Money. That’s more than 5 billion shares… every single day!

And it goes completely unseen by 99% of investors.

But with MAPsignals, you are part of the 1% who sees what the Big Money is buying and selling behind the scenes…

So You Can Profit Like the Pros

And those aren’t just words… Between 2012 and 2020, more than 70% of the stocks we’ve uncovered have been winners. That means 7 out of every 10 stocks we recommend go up in price. And they don’t just go up a little…

Our average gain is approximately 60%… and we had more than 100 gains of between 100% and 600%.

How do we map the Big Money?

Every day our system maps at least 1.2 million pieces of data on more than 5,000 U.S. stocks. That’s nearly all publicly-traded equities except for penny stocks.

The system then sifts through all that information to find the unmistakable signals of Big Money trading. This gives us a list of about 300 Big Money stocks every week. Then we take that list and run each stock though our proprietary quality analysis. That way the stocks recommended in our various subscriptions are always the best of the best—stocks with the strongest Big Money tailwinds AND the best fundamentals.


But finding great trade setups isn’t the only thing our MAPsignals system can do… It also powers one of the most reliable market barometers we know—the Big Money Index.

You see… by analyzing the ratio of buying and selling signals uncovered by our system, we can see the Big Money’s overall outlook for the market. That gives us a huge advantage.

Like when the Big Money Index spotted the market collapse in September 2018 days before it happened. Or when it predicted to within a day the start of the Christmas rally that pulled us out of that downturn. Or when it did it again in 2020, giving readers days to prepare for the COVID-19 crash and the subsequent rebound.

The Big Money Index is a one-of-a-kind tool for anyone who wants an extra edge in their personal trading. And you can find it in every issue of MAP View and MAP Options.

To see how MAPsignals founders Jason and Lucas put the Big Money Index to work in their own investing, check out the How To Win In The Stock Market (using data) video below. Just skip ahead to the 5-minute mark.