MAP Top 20

The MAP Top 20 report showcases our highest ranked stock showing big money activity. It’s the report that finds outlier stocks.

This is a weekly report provided in our platinum subscription and a monthly report in our gold subscription.We believe the best stocks out there are on the radar of big money managers. This report finds the winners of tomorrow.

MAP Top 20 Example

Check out the walk-through of the MAP Top 20 report from our founders:

This is the report that highlights our top stocks seeing big money activity. It is delivered to your inbox by Tuesday morning. There are a lot of repeat names on this report because big money activity tends to last a while. We track the performance of each stock based on its first appearance to the report (90 days).

This report includes:  

  • MAP Top 20 stocks
  • MAP Bottom 10 stocks
  • Commentary on the list of stocks

Click the image below to download an example MAP Top 20 report from 10/8/2019:

MAP Top 20