best cheap stocks to buy now for october 2021

Best Cheap Stocks To Buy Now for October 2021

Markets are under pressure. It’s time to look for opportunity.

These are the best cheap stocks to buy now for October 2021.

To find the best outlier companies, follow the Big Money. In this video, Luke dives into stocks with great fundamentals…and growing fast. He narrowed his search for select stocks below $150 per share.

Here’s the bottom line: The best stocks out there see a lot of Big Money inflows. Don’t fight that trend!

Learn our simple process of how we find outlier stocks.

Best Cheap Stocks to Buy Now for October 2021

Luke Downey outlines 5 of his favorite “cheap” names:

  • Avantor, Inc. (AVTR)
  • Entegris, Inc. (ENTG)
  • Calix, Inc. (CALX)
  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)
  • Catalent, Inc. (CTLT)


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Disclosure: Luke holds long positions in ENTG in managed accounts, but no positions in AVTR, CALX, AMD, or CTLT at the time of publication.