The Bull Market of 2022

The Bull Market of 2022

The Big Money Index is reaching levels we haven’t seen since November.

That means plenty of stocks are cranking higher. Today I’m covering the bull market of 2022. But first, let’s rewind the tape.

The Bull Market of 2022

When I first started investing, I did what many new investors do, I followed the news for insights. But, quickly I found it never gave me an edge. Like most, I lost.

Losing early on taught me to focus. Eventually I stumbled upon trend-following. It made a huge difference. Over time my trading improved. I witnessed that leaders usually kept leading.

Fast forward a few years, I landed my dream job on Wall Street. And that’s when I learned the power of big institutional money. Day after day, I’d watch funds buy the same stocks. I was the one buying them on their behalf!

And what I learned then, stuck with me. Buy pressure pushes companies higher. I saw firsthand how Big Money created monster trends. That experience changed me.

Years later we started MAPsignals. The goal was simple: educate investors with insights you can’t find anywhere else. I bring up this story, because there’s powerful trends out there right now. And data helps reveal them.

As Technology stocks take a back seat, other groups are thriving. The bull market of 2022 is real.

Strap in and let’s go!

The Bull Market of 2022

This year, we’ve seen plenty of bobbing and weaving. Last week I discussed the importance of sector balance. Having exposure to what’s leading is paramount right now.

And a great way to see that stocks are ramping is to follow the Big Money Index. It’s a moving average of buys vs sells happening on big volumes. Look how it’s rallying to 71%:

Big Money Index | plenty of stocks getting bought

If the BMI is breaking out, you can bet there’s a bunch of stocks getting the juice. Forget the negative headlines and bearish rhetoric. Focus on where money is flowing. Let’s do that now.

Up first, there’s Real Estate. Just 3 short weeks ago, I highlighted massive buying in REITs. Well, that theme has only grown. As inflation rages, “real assets” are a beacon for big investors. Look how the group keeps surging:

Real Estate vs XLRE | Huge REIT Buyers

REITs offer big dividends and that’s a major attraction right now in tough market environments. Companies that are in a position to pass on a share of their earnings are viewed as “safer.”

And speaking of safe, check out the next big bullish area helping lift the BMI: Staples. No matter what the economy does, people still need to shop for essentials. Food rarely goes out of style!

Look at the flood of money pouring into the Staples group:

Staples vs XLP | Food Stocks See Massive Buying

Fears of recession keep pulling the group higher. And don’t forget, these are stocks in our data flying higher day after day. Most of these companies are up big in a matter of weeks.

But we can’t stop here. There’s more data to cover.

As commodities elevate, Energy names do too. Oil & Gas stocks have been on fire.

Just look:

Energy vs XLE | Massive Buyers

Nearly 22% of all buys this year have been in the Energy space. That’s a mega bull market. And many of these stocks pay dividends.

Then there’s Healthcare stocks. When investors are fearful, they turn to stability. Large biopharmaceutical companies sell drugs no matter what happens on the economic front. This group is also participating in the bull market of 2022:

Health Care vs XLV | Buying

And lastly there’s good ole Utilities. This group is about as stable as it gets. If the US is to face a downturn, chances are the lights will be the last place consumers cut back. This is likely why the area is thriving.

Literally, the group changed course on a dime. Look how once the blue bars showed up, the group raced higher:

Utilities vs XLU | Monster Buying

Looking at the above 5 charts showcases the importance of using data, especially when markets are failing to making new highs. Sure, these groups may not be popular – but they can be profitable. That’s where MAPsignals shines.

Every day is a new day when it comes to following the Big Money. Our portal brings you up to speed on what’s getting bought and sold on a daily basis. That’s powerful no matter what level of investor you are.

And see for yourself. Here you can watch me walk through our powerful weekly MAP View report and Top 20 report. Each week we display what’s really going on in the market and highlight the best Big Money stocks.

The bull market of 2022 is alive and well. You just may need a MAP to see it.

Let’s wrap up.

Here’s the bottom line: Data is powerful. It helps cut through the noise. There’s a big bull market going on in 2022. Looking only at the surface of the market won’t reveal it.

No one said investing is easy. But following data certainly helps.

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Always remember that the process is more important than the picks.

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