Big Money’s Rallying Cry

Some of us can detect patterns in data.

If you know where to look you can see what’s coming. We opened our ears, and we hear Big Money’s rallying cry.


“Wait what? You said stocks were going down!” Look, I’ll be frank:  our data flipped on a dime. It happens sometimes. The key is to adjust and be dynamic.

As I’ll show you, the flow of money is suddenly racing into stocks in a big way.

That sudden shift can be frustrating for some folks. Because just a few short weeks ago, sellers were rampant. Small-cap stocks were getting destroyed. Portfolios were getting twisted and bent out of shape.

When we made the case that stocks are going down, that was many weeks after we said to get ready for summer volatility.

In this business, you win some and you lose some in the short run. But, when you focus on outlier stocks, over the long-run you crush it. You know why we always say, look for opportunity and to buy great companies on dips?

It’s because outlier stocks keep trucking higher and higher.

So, today I’m going to do 2 things:

  1. First, I’ll show you Big Money’s rallying cry…AKA: the juice is coming!
  2. Then I’ll show you something even more important. You’ll see the power of outlier stocks when you hold.

People reach out all the time asking for proof that our process finds amazing stocks.

This one’s for you!

Now, it’s time to open our ears.

Big Money’s Rallying Cry

2021 has been full of twists and turns; rotations galore. But eventually all that noise gets in sync. Some of the best stock setups come when our data paints a clear picture.

Up first is the Big Money Index. It tracks big buying and selling in stocks. When it rips like now, prepare for higher market prices:

big money index

It’s like the horn that starts Big Money’s rallying cry! But keeping our ear to the ground, what else can we hear in the data?

Stocks are beginning to see the juice. Bears are heading back to their caves as buyers race in. Below is our Stock Buys & Sells Chart. You can easily see what’s happening.

Green bars are getting bigger, red bars are vanishing:

big money plowing into stocks

Small-caps and Chinese stocks have suddenly reversed course. Here’s a close up:

big money plowing into stocks 2

Those big red sticks are monster sell days. They’re like storms: they’re nasty, but eventually pass, clearing the way for sprouts.

And you can see the same with ETFs. Big Money’s rally cry is here:

Big ETF buying

Our data tells us everything we need to know: prepare for upside. And we are- we have our rally hats on.

That covers the near-term. Now let’s shift our focus to long-term. Because that’s where the real treasure is.

It’s time for a highlight reel! We’ll check in on our 2021 stock picking performance. Then we’ll go way back. The rally cry is getting loud but let’s focus!

MAPsignals 2021 Performance

Sifting through mounds of data is cool. We do that to help people find outlier stocks. That’s what we’re all about. Someone emailed us last week telling us that we need to showcase our performance.

So, here it goes:

First, I’ll show you how our weekly stock picks have done thus far in 2021. Then I’m going to go way back to when we started as a business. Keep in mind, our subscribers can see all stock picks and option picks by going here.

Here’s how our 1st half stock picks have done this year. The performance was calculated as if you’d purchased each stock the day it was picked and held through 9/1/21.

And for fun I calculated the S&P 500’s (SPY) performance too. Beating the market by 33% ain’t bad! Please note that I removed the names and tickers since subscribers pay for that info:

mapsignals 2021 performance

***hypothetical performance may or may not be possible to achieve

But, that’s just this year. What if we go way back? I’m talking about the days when MAPsignals first started in 2014.

With the bull run we’ve seen since, it would be hard to beat the market…really hard. Stocks have had an epic run since then. But, look how our weekly picks trounced the market.

For giggles I added SPY returns. Have a look:

mapsignals stock picks 2014

*** hypothetical performance may or may not be possible to achieve

(Disclosure: MAP founders hold long positions in V, SWKS, EXR, & LRCX in personal and managed accounts)

That’s a dominant performance that we’re proud of. But, I want to make something clear: those crazy returns above happened through many selloffs, rallies, and even a pandemic.

We may be tooting our own horn, but it’s important to show what’s possible when you follow the Big Money plowing into quality stocks.

So let’s wrap this up.

Here’s the bottom line: The Big Money’s rallying cry is starting. Strap on the helmets and enjoy the ride.

But also realize that monster returns come with time and patience. They say “seeing is believing”, but we like listening, too.

The rally cry is loud.

Can you hear it?