Defense wont win investing championships

Defense Won’t Win Investing Championships

Dad used to say, “defense wins championships.” Regarding football, he was right.

But when it comes to stocks, defense won’t win investing championships.

Defense won't win investing championships

The game of football is a slugfest. Great defense consists of stopping the run, rushing the passer, and breaking up the play. Get the quarterback out of rhythm and momentum shifts on a dime.

There’s a lot of strategy when it comes to the game of pigskin. When it comes to investing, though – those with longer time horizons should focus on offense…not defense.

By that I mean, aim to find outlier stocks. Those are the companies that dominate their field of play. And as you can imagine, their charts go up and to the right year after year.

I’m talking about the Apples and Amazon’s of the world. Finding them isn’t easy. Holding them for life-changing gains, well that isn’t easy either.

Playing defense won’t win investing championships. Strapping on the helmet and buying a handful of great stocks is how you prevail.

That’s where MAPsignals excels. Our unique system is predicated on following the Big Money. Those are the smartest investors out there. We’ve learned that they control the ball.

They leave cleat-prints. We follow. That’s our edge…more on that in a bit.

Now, as it relates to stocks today, there’s a lot of offensive action going on. Markets are flying high. Our data points to more highs into yearend…let’s get to that now.

Big Money Index Is Trending Higher

Markets have been in risk-on mode for months. You can see that in our trusty Big Money Index. It measures the flow of Big Money going in and out of stocks.

There’s only been one stance to be lately and that’s bullish:

Big Money Index is trending higher

As you can see above, when the BMI gains momentum to the upside, markets rally. We’ve been beating the bull drum for months. And our stance hasn’t changed because playing defense won’t win investing championships.

Let’s keep drilling down further at the daily stock action. Below is the daily Big Money Stock Buys & Sells chart.  When buying grows and selling slows, markets zoom.

I’ve outlined what’s important to me the last few weeks:

Big Money rushing into stocks

Folks, this is what’s keeping stocks afloat. Demand has been growing for stocks.

And it’s not just all stocks. The high-quality growth kind are racing higher. The sectors seeing offensive action have been growth-heavy.

Like Discretionary – below are the daily buys and sells for the discretionary sector:

discretionary stocks getting bought

And now look at Technology stocks. Holy moly that’s healthy buying:

technology stocks are zooming

When our data picks up on big robust buying in stocks, it’s like a loud foghorn…BE OFFENSIVE!

We don’t have to worry about headlines…we just follow the flow of Big Money. And that leads me to why playing defense won’t win investing championships.

Defense Won’t Win Investing Championships

I study our data daily. And while it can clue us into short-term moves (like above) …the real power lies in the ability to find outlier stocks.

They are the game-changers.

And on a short-term basis, when our data says to be bullish, they can handily beat the market. The below charts are made from our portal, available to platinum subscribers.

To show you what I mean, below is a basket of the 5 stocks getting the most buy signals from July and August.

Look how beginning on September 1st to today, those stocks more than doubled the S&P 500 (SPY ETF). Our stocks gained +8.18% vs. SPY’s +3.95%:

july - aug top 5 stocks

That’s impressive! But, let’s go back even further…we’ve learned to stay offensive with great stocks.

Here’s our Top 5 stocks getting Big Money love from 7/1/17 – 12/31/2017. Again, the idea is that Big Money favorites will keep ramping. And boy did they!

These 5 stocks gained +173.2% vs. +86.13% for SPY:

july 2017 - dec 2017 top 5 stocks

That’s amazing! But, I’m going to drive home the point one more time.

Let’s rewind the tape even more. Below are the Top 5 stocks from 7/1/2015 – 12/31/2015. Taking a bet on them starting 1/1/2016 returned an eye-popping +858.45% vs. 155.52% for SPY:

july - dec 2015 top 5 stocks

There’s only one word for that kind of outperformance: Glorious! This last chart proves that playing defense doesn’t win investing championships.

That’s insane juice! (Leave me a comment with your guesses on which stocks these are!)

Let’s wrap this up.

Here’s the bottom line: Defense wins championships when it comes to football… not so much with investing. Be offensive. Playing defense won’t win investing championships when it comes to outlier stocks.

Lean in.

It only takes a couple great stocks to transform a portfolio. If you’re ready to up your game, start a MAPsignals subscription today.

Finally, if you want to see more, check out my latest video: Best Growth Stocks for December 2021. Let’s just say that these stocks make me “SMILE.”

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