get ready for stocks to rally

Get Ready For Stocks To Rally

Sometimes our data is subtle. Other times it slaps you in the face.

Let us be clear: Get ready for stocks to rally.

get ready for stocks to rally

That’s been our message for well over a month. We’ve been beating the bull drum since early September. Back then we heard Big Money’s Rallying Cry …and boy it’s been getting louder ever since.

Today we’ll cover where our data stands, but more importantly where it’s heading. We’ll be blunt: Get ready for stocks to rally, baby!

But don’t take our word for it. In a moment, we’ll be passing the mic to our data. And for safety measures, no one’s getting slapped today…but if you’re a big bad bear, it’ll feel like it!

As usual, we’ll take a top-down approach, then wrap up with some juicy stock performance.

Let’s do it.

Big Money Is Rushing Into Stocks

We always start with the Big Money Index. It sheds light on the flow of Big Money into stocks. Last week, we said the BMI’s ready to soar.

And when it marches higher, like now – get ready for stocks to rally. Look, you can see it’s climbing:


Small moves in the BMI are like waves…waves of Big Money. And there’s a surge of capital flowing into markets. And when demand gets big enough for stocks, sellers are no match for it.

And to show you what I mean, below is our Big Money Stock Buys and Sells chart. These are the daily tally of buys and sells in our data. Big blue bars are buyers. Red bars are sellers.

Below I’ve circled the wave of money coming into stocks:

get ready for stocks to rally

We need to zoom in so you can really see what’s happening. Sellers have evaporated, making it easier for buyers to lead the charge:

big money is rushing into stocks

When sellers disappear, it paves the way for buyers to run wild. Get ready for stocks to rally, folks.

So, you may be wondering “which stocks are rallying?” Many high-quality small-cap growth stocks, Energy names, and Financials to name a few. It’s a quality list of stocks rising to the top.

And it’s easier for stocks to pop when selling slows. Prior hated groups like Chinese ADRs have flipped from sellers to buyers. When that happens, our BMI can rip fast.

But it’s not just stocks getting the love. ETFs are getting bought too. Check it out:

money flowing into ETFs

Let the data speak: Get ready for stocks to rally. Or as we like to say, get ready for JUICE.

Speaking of juice, let’s look at some killer performance from the past few months.

Big Money Data Says Get Ready For Stocks To Rally

Our mission as a firm is to find stocks that outperform markets. We call them outliers. They’re the best of the best.

We find outlier stocks by following the Big Money.

Each week we showcase our 20 highest quality stocks found in our research. Our Top 20 report lasers in on where the juice is flowing. But more importantly, we look under the hood of these companies, ranking them by fundamental qualities like sales growth and profitability.

When we do this, the cream rises to the top. Our best stock picks are found on this list.

But we realize some people aren’t interested in 20 stocks a week. That’s why in our Silver Subscription we showcase 1 stock from the list each week. We comb through the 20 stocks, looking for tomorrow’s leaders.

And when the market rallies, like now…killer performance happens. Below is the performance for each weekly pick from June – September, hypothetically held until yesterday.

And to be fair, we calculated the performance of the S&P 500 (SPY ETF) over the same period. Obviously, we greyed out the stock details:

MAPsignals weekly pick performance

That’s outperformance of 175%! And you can bet we’re proud of that. The seasonally strong Q4 that told our readers to prepare for, came with a vengeance.

And stocks in our research benefited handsomely.

Let’s wrap this up.

Here’s the bottom line: Sometimes our data gives subtle clues to get bullish. Other times, it slaps you in the face. Sellers have gone on vacation, allowing buyers to take the lead.

And our weekly stock profiles speak for themselves. And from our vantage point, there’s more upside coming. So, get ready for stocks to rally.

Now, can you navigate markets without our Big Money data? Sure. But, why would you want to?!

And if you want to more – check out our latest video series: Best Growth Stocks for November 2021. Luke does what he loves to do: Find awesome stocks using our process.


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